Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session Information 

I look forward to being your guide on this life changing, transformational journey. For best results start by setting the intention to connect with your Higher-Self, that Divine part of you that holds all of the information, wisdom, and healing. If you meditate it's wonderful to do before coming to your appointment. 

Bring questions that you would like answered to your session. If you have a lot, put the most important ones first. Please write or print out your questions so I can have them to read during your session.

Limit alcohol use the night before. Eat something before your appointment. Following your session take it easy the rest of the evening and drink plenty of water so that you can process this beautiful journey. I will record your session and send you a link to download it. The link will be available to download. 

Parts of your QHHT session will be clear following your session, though like a dream it begins to fade. This is why listening to your recording allows you to absorb and process the information you received. (Don't listen to your recording while driving).

Your session is confidential so please come to your session alone. If someone is driving you they can drop you off and return to pick you up when you contact them. Enjoy Dolores Cannon's short videos below. To schedule your QHHT session email me at: annemarie@annemariemartins.com 

Dolores Cannon, is the developer of this technique.   www.DoloresCannon.com